Online Poker and Live Poker: How to Switch?

The poker scene in the United States has been forever changed by the April 15, 2011 event, which is now known as “Black Friday”. The Department of Justice crackdown on top online poker websites and the subsequent banning of American play has caused more than just a ripple among the United States poker community. This article will focus on the pros and cons of both live and online play. players who are new to public cardrooms may need to adjust their play.
There are many online poker players that have never or rarely played live games. This could be due to a number of factors. Some of these reasons include not being old enough to play live poker, not having live venues in their area, or feeling uncomfortable. We’ll look at some of the differences that online poker players will have to deal with. They must either start playing live poker, or they can focus their energy and bankroll elsewhere. Some of these differences may be perceived negatively, while others, I think, are positive.
Micro stakes poker is no longer available in American cardrooms. Now they will need to move up to “Big Leagues”, which begin with dollars, not cents. Some will never take that step, and instead find like-minded friends to play poker with at home. This limitation is not only applicable to cash games but also to the small stakes tournaments that were a big draw for online poker sites.
Sorry! Online poker players often play multiple tables simultaneously. They discovered that they could increase their profit by playing more optimally, and wining more through volume whilst reducing risk. These action-junkies will hate the idea of being limited to only one game. It will take some time for them to adjust, but there are many positives. For example, they can use to study their opponents while not playing.
Speed up
Multi-tabling and speed go hand in hand. Online poker is faster when it comes to hands per hour. It has its advantages and disadvantages, but players who only play online poker will find the live version to be slower than a glacier. It is important to adjust to the slower pace, not get bored and lower your starting hand value. Otherwise your transition to live play could be costly.
Session length
Online poker allows you to play fifteen minutes of poker in the comfort and privacy of your home. You can still play for fifteen minutes in a real-life venue but you will need to go into the cardroom and wait to get a seat. Then 홀덤 온라인 have to buy your chips, settle down, and then you’re done. The flip side is that it’s unlikely you will find a $1.00 tournament with 10,000 participants, which would take an entire day to complete.
The anonymity factor
Everybody has heard about the importance of using “poker faces” in many situations outside of poker, such as when negotiating. You don’t have to be concerned about your body language if you play online. Nobody can see you. It’s not necessary to dress up, as you are just a player at a virtual poker table. Poker Tells is a new topic for those who are new to live play. You should not only be looking for these tells, but also make sure that you aren’t telegraphing any of your intentions to your opponent.
Online poker players who are less emotionally stable also seem to enjoy hurling insults and rants into the chat box. If they don’t learn proper decorum, their dental bills could skyrocket. You will need to have some interpersonal skills when you sit down at a real table with actual people. Leave the pajamas behind and prepare to be at least civil.
Keep track of your pot
It’s amazing how technology has made it possible for an online poker player to simply look at the screen and see the pot total to find out the pot odds of the current bet. These players will have to master the art of tracking the pot. It’s not difficult, but you need to be disciplined and pay attention.
I said that micro stake players wouldn’t have the same selection of games and would need to move up significantly. Moving to live play has other significant impacts on expenses. Traveling to the game will cost you gas, bus fares or your shoes will wear out more quickly. Online players don’t tip the dealers, which is what you would expect in live play. Although it may not seem much to give the dealer $1 when you win a big pot, the money adds up.
String raises
String raise is a term that you might not be familiar if you have never played public live poker. String raises are when you raise in a non-fluent motion. You can raise by adding more chips to the pot after you have called the bet. This is illegal because you can glean information about your opponent’s reactions in the time between raising and appearing to call the bet. Online play does not allow this. It is best to verbally announce your actions to avoid this faux-pas. You can raise your bet by simply saying “I raise”.
How to handle your cards and chip
You will need to be able to manage and take responsibility for your cards, and chips when you move to a live-play venue. You will not be required to simply hit buttons. Some casinos have installed monitors on the table to create a live game with virtual dealers, chips and cards. These outlets are a minority, and should remain that way. Thank you for letting me handle my cards and play with my chips. Your opponents will be able to tell if you are a good or bad player by the way you manage your cards and your chips. It’s not necessary to be an expert at riffling (combining two stacks of 5 or 10 chips into a single stack of ten, 20 or more chips) to avoid appearing to be a novice… but it certainly doesn’t hurt.
The conclusion of the article is:
Personal I have always preferred live play to internet, but I was one of the first poker players who played long before online poker became popular. I believe that if this change forces people to play live in a cardroom, they will realize what they have been missing. I think the online poker players that will be most affected will be those who do not have access to public games. For those who have never played in a private game at home, I recommend reaching out to your friends and colleagues and thinking about starting one.
Micro stake players will be next in line to be affected. The stakes will be far below what they are used to. Let me encourage you. You may find that if you have worked hard to be a successful micro stakes player you will enjoy the target-rich environment of lower stake live games. Spend $100 to find out! The worst thing that could happen is to get slapped and then decide to return to your favorite poker site, which has just barred you from playing with real money. You can play for “play” money which is very close to micro stakes!
Black Friday hurt US poker, but we still haven’t seen the full extent of its unintended effects. One has to ask how big the World Series of Poker opening field will be, since the majority of the players are satellite winners of the biggest online poker websites. The game will continue to be played despite the US Department of Justice’s focus on the poker community. I urge the millions of online poker players in the United States to go out and play in cardrooms across America. Shuffle and deal… in real life!

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